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  • 07/16/2012
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Lower 9th Ward "Views"

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  • 07/10/2012
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Lower 9th Ward "Views"

Roots Run Deep




  • 02/16/2012
  • Posted by staff

Art on the Water: CHAISE ÎLE in Bayou Bienvenue

CHAISE ÎLE is a site specific installation sculpture made for the damaged Bayou Bienvenue at the top of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Artist Roy Staab's sculpture is made of tall bamboo with cantenary lines made of bundled blood-weed [harvested from the land near the site]. This video shows how nature works with the art from wind when the lines move to the quiet still reflection of the early morning sunrise light that John Taylor caught and the evening sunset that Katie Holten found. Made with the help of A Studio in the Woods staff and recent resident Benjamin Morris and a few others.

  • 01/21/2012
  • Posted by staff

Join Us for a Special Community Arts Event: Friday, Feb. 3

Please join CSED for this special event on February 3: "Becoming Artfully AWARE: Linking Local and International Communities through the Arts", at the New Orleans Museum of Art. CSED's own staffers and photographers, Tracy Nelson and John Taylor, will have their work on display!

Artfully Aware

  • 12/19/2011
  • Posted by David Eber

Ebb & Flow: Art by Roy Staab at Bayou Bienvenue

StabbandbirdOn December 17th, artist Roy Staab, the third fellow in a series by A Studio In The Woods called Ebb & Flow, installed a temporary art piece in Bayou Bienvenue entitled Chaise Ile.

"Ebb & Flow is a 6-week residency based on the premise that Southern Louisiana can be seen as a microcosm of the global environment, manifesting both the challenges and possibilities inherent in human interaction with urban and natural ecosystems. We ask artists to describe in detail how the region will affect their work, to propose a public component to their residency and to suggest ways in which they will engage with the local community."

The CSED would like to thank Mr. Staab and also A Studio In The Woods for choosing the Lower 9th Ward as the site for this installation. Standing on the platform is already a moving experience, but Mr. Staab's piece causes one to pause and reflect longer on the implications of what one is seeing: a degraded ecosystem, impermanent, yet still clinging to life.