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  • 09/25/2013
  • Posted by staff

Holy Cross Project Multifamily Building Continues Fight for Affordable Housing in Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans

From Global Green:

By Michelle Pyne

Press-conf_2In the more than eight years since Hurricane Katrina, not one affordable rental housing development has been built in the Lower Ninth Ward. On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, the Louisiana Housing Corporation, formerly the Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, yanked approval from the only project proposed for the Lower Ninth Ward. Families, elected officials and advocates are fighting back!

The proposed affordable multifamily project represents the third phase of Global Green’s Holy Cross Project, and includes a 20-unit affordable multifamily building, adjacent to the 5 completed single family homes, and Community Development and Climate Action Center under construction. This development will offer affordable rents, low utility bills due to solar power, healthy indoor air quality, and most importantly a home for former Lower 9th Ward residents who still wish to return to their community after Hurricane Katrina.

Global Green USA, in partnership with Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, Councilmember Stacy Head, community leaders and residents joined together for a press conference at the site of the Holy Cross Project to stand our ground for affordable housing in the Lower 9th Ward.

Linda Stone, Director of the Global Green USA New Orleans office, offered opening remarks detailing Global Green’s commitment to building back the Lower 9th Ward and New Orleans as a more sustainable and resilient community. James Perry, Executive Director of Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center, told the crowd of community members that it is unacceptable to deny this neighborhood the affordable housing it so desperately needs.


JW Tatum, Board Member for the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, shared his experience of gathering friends in his home under candle light after Hurricane Katrina, to make plans to rebuild his Lower 9th Ward community. READ MORE >>

via globalgreen.org

  • 09/23/2013
  • Posted by Vincent Fedeli

Pelican R&R @ Bayou Bienvenue


Photo By: John Taylor
  • 09/16/2013
  • Posted by Vincent Fedeli

Highlights in Holy Cross Neighborhood

Solar Light Fix

Justin and Vincent fix the solar lights at the Delery Street Playground, John Koferal comes by and lends a hand.  Light  one is now opperational and light two will be back in action later this week!

Shoring-Up The Center


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Work continues on 5227 Chartres.  The Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development, otherwise known as The Center on Chartres undergoes repairs by the CSED.  We replaced termite damaged wood from the cantilevered section of the front porch.

September 28th volunteers from the USGBC's Green Apple Day of Service will be assisting with additional repairs to the porch at The Center.

  • 09/14/2013
  • Posted by staff

NOLA’s First Solar-Powered “Living Shade” Structure

Wonderful piece from the BCBSLA Foundation on the latest development at the Guerilla Garden! Congrats to Jenga Mwenda for her tireless efforts to help bring food security back to the Lower Ninth Ward.

Guerrilla Garden Living Shade, Growing LA

By Tina Dirmann

This is a story of rebirth, renewal, regrowth. Just a snapshot of what a few determined individuals can do when they are committed to making a difference.

How fitting, as we note the 8th anniversary of Katrina, that we can tell such a tale today. For it was eight years ago when waters ravaged New Orleans. And, in particular, devastated the tight-knit community that made up the Lower Ninth Ward.

In the days before Katrina hit, there stood an empty lot – that kind that proliferates the still devastated community today. But before the storm, this lot in particular meant something to people. You see, one resident used to take the time to toss seeds into this lot. At times, tomato seeds. Sometimes okra. A little of this and some of that. Nothing formal. No one tended to the yard in any particular way.  And yet, produce often grew large and proud. And what cropped-up was there for the taking. Anyone in the community was welcome to it.

That tradition was almost lost in the storm’s wake, just another casualty amid so much other loss. We know some residents never returned. Weeds still stand overgrown on vacant lots. Community stores and bars and gathering spots simply fell away.

But in 2009, one woman in this shaken community remembered that garden, and she wanted it back. Because in her neighborhood, fresh produce can be hard to come by. There aren’t thriving farmers markets. No Whole Foods and Rouses offering fresh fare – let alone anything affordable.

And so, 9th Ward resident Jenga Mwendo founded the Backyard Gardener’s Network, a non-profit dedicated to reviving and sustaining the lot they’ve now dubbed “The Guerrilla Garden.” Her group gathered enough funds to buy the lot at 601 Charbonnet Street and not just return it to what it once was – but to take it a step beyond. READ MORE >>

via ourhomelouisiana.org

  • 09/11/2013
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

CSED Purchases NORA Properties

The Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development (CSED) has purchased the vacant lots at 2639 Caffin Avenue, 5620 Florida Avenue, 2636 and 2640 Lamanche Street from the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA). 

Exhibit A OPBA Map CSED RFP Properties Adjacent to Bayou PlatformThe purchase of these properties will support and enhance our ongoing effort with partners to restore the Bayou Bienvenue Triangle into a healthly wetland which can once again serve as a natural surge barrier and a recreational haven for our community.  In 2007, we helped to build the Bayou Bienvenue Platform located directly across Florida Avenue from these lots.  The CSED acts as the caretaker of the platform site, provides tours by a Lower 9th Ward native bayou guide, and engages in community outreach and environmental education.  Use of these properties will further enhance our mission to reconnect Lower 9th Ward residents with the Bayou Bienvenue Triangle & the waters that surround them.

Current CSED plans for these lots include regular maintenance, soil sampling, fencing, tree plantings, and the development of a community orchard. We are honored to be able to give new life and purpose to these former homesites of displaced Lower 9th Ward residents.