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  • 02/28/2013
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Rochester Mission Group Rocks!

Rochester Mission Group 1
We would like to extend great gratitude to the Rochester Mission Group from Rochester, New York which included hard-working volunteers from Webster, Greece & Ogden Baptist Churches. Just look at what they helped us to accomplish  at our 4819 Dauphine Street Community Orchard in just TWO DAYS!! French Drain & Pathway Collage

Donated ginger was planted along the perimeter French drain which they dug & filled with broken brick pieces unearthed from the soil.  The French drain will redirect runoff into the soon-to-be-built rain garden.  Along with general debris & trash removal, the first entrance pathway was created using broken brick, cement, & recycled roofing slate. Recycled Roofing Slate Pathway Collage 

Holes were dug & measured & nine fruit trees were planted, watered, & mulched.  Neighbors will be able to enjoy the harvest from 2 Satsumas, 2 Ruby Red Grapefruit, 2 Blood Orange, 2 Meyers Lemon, & 1 Persian Lime!  Dreams do come true. Orchard Planted  

The efforts of many continue to bear fruit as countless volunteers generously keep coming to help us rebuild & grow our community. Bearing Fruit

  • 02/20/2013
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Double Entry to Plants Galore

Thanks to a generous donation of a truckload of plants by Mr. Harold Applewhite of Harold's Indoor & Outdoor Plants (at Press & St Claude) http://www.bestofneworleans.com/gambit/harolds-indoor-outdoor-plants/Content?oid=1672363, our blight beautification project at 4819 Dauphine Street has received a major enhancement! We've planted camelias at the entrance, red tipped photinias along the future pathway and we've outlined the space for a rain garden.  A nod to the historical streetface has been given by the creation of a dual entry to the garden reminiscent of the original 4817-19 Dauphine Street double shotgun that existed on this lot. Donated Plants Dual Entry  Additional beds for the fruits trees have been staked and double dug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPeAvYrfKkU in an effort to improve the aeration of the soil and to facilitate root penetration.  Our dream for a community orchard continues to unfold :) Beds Double Dug                                                       

  • 02/06/2013
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Lower 9th Ward "Views"

Winter Wonderland

Our Dream Is Becoming A Reality

Our Dreams of an Orchard Project at 4819 Dauphine Street is coming true.  Acquisition, design, implementation, & resource foraging continues to be driven & accomplished with great enthusiasm by CSED staff Kathy Muse, Vincent Fedeli, Charles Reddick, & John Taylor aided by significant input & assistance from surrounding neighbors.  This blight beautification effort was made possible through Louis Lauricella's donation of this vacant lot to the CSED. We are grateful to Mr. Lauricella & to Stephanie Bruno who acted as liason.

Check out our recent progress.  Before the bobcat work began, trees cleared from the overgrown lot were chipped to provide mulch. Excellent bobcat services were provided by Troy Moore who lives right around the corner! He was assisted by CSED staff members Vincent & Kathy.  The never-ending debris was unearthed, a neighbor's damaged fence was removed along with a very tough & extensive poison ivy vine (ouch!), and a neighbor's clothesline pole was righted for future use:4819 Dauphine 1

Community members stopped by to help out:

4819 Dauphine 2

Wood chips were relocated, grass was removed, soil was graded with a slight downward slope to the left for drainage into a future french drain.  Troy surveys his work thus far:

4819 Dauphine 3

River sand was delivered, dumped & graded to cap the lead soil where the planter boxes will be built.  Two trailer loads of debris were hauled away. Kudos to neighbor & friend Troy Moore for a job well done!

4819 Dauphine 4