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  • 07/28/2012
  • Posted by staff

Meet the New Homeowners at Global Green's Holy Cross Project

Exciting news from Global Green:

Nola_413_ownersShannon and Laney French (left) are the proud owners of the first Holy Cross Project house we sold in New Orleans.

They purchased one of five LEED Platinum houses we built in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, the neighborhood hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. Three more of the homes we built are on the market; we continue to use the fifth as a visitor’s center and expect to break ground soon on a Community Development and Climate Action Center.

via globalgreen.org

  • 07/27/2012
  • Posted by staff

"Living With Water": New Site Focuses on Managing New Orleans' Water as a Asset

Great new online resource has just been launched: Living With Water.com. A team, led by Waggonner & Ball Architects, is developing an Comprehensive, Sustainable, Integrated Water Management Strategy for St. Bernard Parish and the East Banks of Jefferson and Orleans Parish. Sign up to receive updates on this important initiative.

Living With Water"Greater New Orleans is defined by its relationship to water, and the abundance of water in this region. The Mississippi, Lake Pontchartrain, cypress swamps, and winding bayous once defined our landscape. Today the water is almost invisible. Levees, floodwalls and buried culverts keep it out of sight and out of mind.

We can use water as a resource to improve safety, quality-of-life, and economic vitality in our three parishes. By using vegetation and landscape design to delay water along its drainage pathway, to store water in our landscape so that it nourishes our soils and vegetation, and to drain water only when necessary, we can improve urban and environmental quality, increase biodiversity, and balance groundwater levels."

  • 07/16/2012
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Lower 9th Ward "Views"

Graffiti  Posted 7.16.12   1of3 Graffiti  Posted 7.16.12   2of3 Graffiti  Posted 7.16.12   3of3

  • 07/15/2012
  • Posted by Vincent Fedeli

Halfway Point

Seed saved from open pollinated plants, labeled, stored and ready to be used, sold or traded.

I am four weeks into my 2 month internship at Ecology Action in Willits CA - home of Grow Biointensive guru John Jeavons.  I am learning a great deal on how to grow food sustainably.  Upon my return to old New Orleans and the beloved Lower 9th Ward I will share my knowledge, teach folks the basics on how to grow food using some of the principals I have learned, and if the stars align, start developing a small lot in the L9 that will help feed the community!

On Monday John Jeavons will start teaching a teacher certification program for 6 month interns.  Jodi, an intern from 9 years ago, from New Zealand, came back for this training.  He owns a 5 acre farm where he teaches, host interns, and raises crops for his seed selling business.

  • 07/11/2012
  • Posted by staff

Next Food Action Planning Meeting: Friday, July 13 @ 6 pm! See you there!

Food Action Planning Meeting

  • 07/10/2012
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Lower 9th Ward "Views"

Roots Run Deep




  • 07/06/2012
  • Posted by Vincent Fedeli

To Teach or to Feed - That is the Question


Nearing the end of my third week here at Ecology Action.  I've harvested rye, potatoes, berries, amended a 100ft2 raised bed and double-dug two beds here in the garden.  Beds are double-dug because loose soil enables plant roots to penetrate soil easily and absorb available nutrients.  Above is a picture of the garden called 'the circle'.  I planted the bed to the left of the bush in the circle.

Below is a picture of Lamine harvesting  edible flowers at the Stanford Inn - on a field trip we took near the Mendocino Coast.  Lamine is from Senegal.  He plans to start a Grow Biointensive farming movement to help feed people near his home in West Africa.


Alive In You: Helping to Create Our 'Compost Garden'

Alive In You youth mission group Valley Ranch Baptist Church Dallas TX 6.20.2012

We are forever grateful to the helping hands of endless volunteers who continue to come to the Lower 9th Ward to make a difference in our community. 

Recently, I had the pleasure to work with "Alive In You" youth mission group from Valley Ranch Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas.  For 2 days, these busy bees worked in the hot sun for hours helping my co-worker Charles Reddick and myself cut, clean, beautify, and add layers to our composting lots, and enhance our rain catchment system.  Along with Veteran Volunteer Steven Gonzales, who found lost treasure, they transformed our space and lifted our spirits. 

Thanks so much for helping us continue to move forward!

Grass encroaching on compost Cut & Cleaned Enhancing the rain catchment Veteran Volunteer Steven Gonzales finds lost treasure

Board At Work: Lower 9 CSED Holds Its Annual Board Retreat

DSC04508 DSC04514 IMG_0237

CSED's Board of Directors gathered Saturday, June 23 in the Lower 9th Ward for its annual Board Retreat - to review the CSED journey and plan the organization's future in helping the community achieve its sustainable recovery and restoration. Leading the Board through this important process was Erness Wright-Irvin (left), MHA, of New Orleans and the Facilitative Leadership Institute. Our venue: one of the Make It Right houses at 1627 Reynes Street - a perfect setting for the day!

  • 07/02/2012
  • Posted by Kathy Muse

Lower 9th Ward "Views"

Guerilla Garden May 2012 Guerilla Garden Farmily May 2012